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Ancient Seawall Site Houses A New Park
2022-10-14 15:08      Source:Hangzhou China      

Located on the southeastern corner of the intersection of Jianghong Road and Binkang Road, Binjiang District, the Seawall Park was completed and opened to the public a few days ago, adding yet another recreation park on the doorstep of nearby residents.

The Seawall Park takes up 36,441 square meters of land and is built on top of the ancient seawall site that is now deeply buried under the park’s central pedestrian street. Winding from northeast to southwest underground, the ancient seawall was a section of the Xijiang Seawall, which belonged to a more extensive seawall system that once connected Xiaoshan and Shaoxing. Multiple decorations are used in the park, including ground carving, boat-shaped stepping stones and wavy curves to strike a contrast here and create a sense of unity there. The idea is to reflect culture related to the tidal bore of the Qiantang River through visual symbols like boats, fishing and waves.