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History of A River Town Unfurled in Book
2022-10-14 15:07      Source:Hangzhou China      

Inheriting and utilizing the time-honored historical and cultural resources is a major issue concerning current regional and social development. Recently, Linping District officially published its first thematic book on local history and culture, the History of Linping, a Fascinating Lotus Flower Land in Tang and Song Dynasties.

The book, with about 250,000 words, introduces Linping’s culture in five chapters: the historical vicissitudes, mountains and waters, famous historical figures and their stories, and the beautiful scenery. It covers the profound history of the Grand Canal, Chaoshan plum blossoms, Yujia Mountain and the Song culture to demonstrate Linping’s cultural legacies and uniqueness through authentic narratives.

Although it is the youngest of all the urban districts in Hangzhou, Linping boasts a long history and profound culture. It has been a typical river town and cultural treasure land since ancient times. In recent years, with stronger cultural confidence, the district released the “1510 Scheme” and fulfilled 10 culture action plans, putting the local cultural advance in the first place in its modernization drive.

“On the Linping Cultural Work Conference last October, we proposed to advance ‘Cultural Linping in the New Era’ project. Since then, we have been working on the books to find new cultural signatures for Linping, and against this background, we started the compilation of the History of Linping, a Fascinating Lotus Flower Land in Tang and Song Dynasties.” According to Linping District History Research Office, the book narrates the regional facts and existing chronicles. It integrates history with stories to reflect the district’s conditions and culture, and is expected to provide great cultural impetus for building a smart and more livable area.