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Bus Stops on Meiling Road Look Renewed
2022-10-13 10:04      Source:Hangzhou China      

The West Lake Scenic Area was crowded with visitors during the past National Day holiday. As the scenic area became congested due to the sharply increased footfall, many visitors realized buses could be a better transport choice. Some may have noticed bus stops in such attractions as East Lingyin, Shang Tianzhu, Yunqi Bamboo Trail have quietly “changed the look” - not only getting better furnished, but also boasting prettier surroundings.

According to the staff working in the West Lake Scenic Area, Management Committee of Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Area, Hangzhou Public Transport Group, and traffic police agencies have worked together and carried out fieldwork and polls before renovating the bus stops on the Meiling Road. Through relocation, widening and the construction of bus bays, they renewed the look of 18 bus stops on both sides of the road, including the Fancun Huayuan, Meiwu Farmhouse, Waidaqiao, Yunqi Bamboo Trail, East Lingyin, Shang Tianzhu, and also installed bus shelters, rails and seats, easing the traffic on Meiling Road and making passengers feel more comfortable.

It was drizzly on October 7. On the South Meiling Road, many people were waiting for the bus, and everyone queued up in an orderly manner. “This is the second time I’ve visited Hangzhou. The scenery is really beautiful. And it is so convenient to take buses; I can enjoy delightful views at any time on it! I would like to visit Hangzhou again, and next time, I will bring my parents with me!” said Mr. Yang, a non-local visitor.