Industrial clusters

The provincial-level industrial clustering zones were in good development, the pace of industrial agglomeration was accelerated . and the major projects were in orderly progress , the infrastructure has been improved steadily, solidly carried out the construction of ecological environment. The sales output value of the above designated size industries in Dajiangdong industrial clustering zone(key planning zone) was 46.087 billion yuan, up by 37.4%. The investment in fixed assets was  14.334 billion yuan, increased by 27.6u/o. The future Science and Technology City was listed in the talent bases of central enterprises by the Central Organization Department. 76 projects were settled in, introduced a total of 109 high-level overseas talents, gathered eight talents who are in the country's Thousand Talents Program. 22 scientific research institutes have signed the contract to settle in Qingshan lake science city, 14 projects of the institutes started to build. Pushing forward the construction of equipment manufacturing industry in Hangzhou. Xiaoshan chemical fiber. Yuhang home textile, Fuyang paper , Jiande fine chemical industry these five provincial-level demonstration area of transformation and upgrading, further promoted the development of Hangzhou's demonstration area of modern industrial cluster upgrading, Hangzhou focused on cultivating the 120 enterprises which are taking lead in industries. further enhanced the new development advantages of industrial clusters.

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