Urban-rural co-ordination

Hangzhou improved the coordination of urban and rural areas. In 2011. the total number of docking projects of the city and the five counties (cities) in one, two. three industries was 126, with a total investment of 43.1 billion yuan. The GDP growth of five counties (cities) was 10.5 percent, the growth rate was faster than the city by 0.4 percentage points. The income gap between urban and rural residents was narrowed, the per capita net income of rural residents increasd by 10.30-/o over the previous year, 2.1 percentage points higher than the growth rate of urban residents per capita disposable income, the urban-rural income ratio was narrowed from 2.28:1 to 2.23: 1.

The industry collaboration in Counties (cities) was strengthened. In 2011, Hangzhou set up five collaborative groups to promote the co-ordination development of urban and rural areas, the city and the districts newly raised l.5 billion yuan fund to support the development of five counties (cities). 195 collaboration projects of counties (cities) were in full implementation, the total investment in plan was 15.327 billion yuan. extensively carried out the platform construction, project matchmaking, jointly attarcting investment, agricultural development, improvement of services industries and products exhibition&sale, etc, promoted the integration of resources and the complementary advantages. Hangzhou determined the construction projects of 23 central towns. with a total investment of 2.65 billion yuan. The construction of the identified 200 central villages and 63 beautiful countryside boutique villages were fully started. Hangzhou invested a total of 2.9 billion yuan to build 13 style towns. The number of resettled downhill residents was 7000. The construction of rural road network was speeding up, the five counties' (cities ') bus system were integrated with the main city, the integration rate of urban and rural passenger transportation was 70%. The coverage rate of hardening roads for villages was 100%, and it was in ahead of the province, formed the three-level network system of urban and rural passenger transportation. The innovative approach of counties and districts collaboration in Hangzhou which was in aim of improving people's livelihood has won the title of the top ten people's livelihood projects in Zhejiang, 2011.

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