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The West Lake
The West Lake came from a shallow bay in ancient times where Qiantang River ran into the sea. It was formerly named as Wulin Waters, Golden Buffalo Lake, Qiantang Lake and Xizi Lake. As it lies in the west of Hangzhou, it was later named the West Lake. It covers an area of 6.38KM2, the average depth being 2.27M and the deepest being 5M. It has mountains on three sides and the city on the remaining one side...
People’s Living
Income of urban and rural resident s improved continuously.In 2008, the disposable income per capita for urban residents was 24,104 yuan, up by 11.1 percent over the previous year, a real growth rate of 5.9 percent if eliminating the price factor. The net income per capita for rural residents in Hangzhou was 10,692 yuan, up by 12.0 percent, or a real growth rate of 6.8 percent if eliminating the price factor...People’s Living
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2013 Hangzhou Municipal Government Work Report
I. Work Review of 2012
In the face of severe and complicated international and domestic situations in 2012, the whole city, working together and doing much solid work to overcome all kinds of difficulties, have successfully completed the annual tasks and reached its goal of the whole year under the wise guidance of Communist Party of China Zhejiang Provincial Committee...
I) Stable and Healthy Economic Growth
II) Continuous Optimization of Industrial Structure
III) Continual Promotion of City Functions
IV) Striking Effects of Overall Urban and Rural Development
V) Strengthening the Vitality of Reform and Innovation
VI) People’s Livelihood Being Improved Continuously and the Social Management Being Strengthened
VII) Ecological Environment Being Continuously Improved
VIII) The Self-Construction of Government Being Further Strengthened
II. Major Work in 2013
The year 2013 is the first year that Hangzhou comprehensively implements the spirits of the Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the key year to the implementation of the 12th Five-Year Plan, an important year to accelerate the innovation-driven development, and a year to deepen a balanced and coordinated development between urban and rural areas. It is of great difficulty but significance to do a good job and maintain the steady...
I) Promoting a balanced development by overcoming difficulties
II) Take innovation as the driving force and firmly restructure the economy
III) Promoting urban and rural integration by overall planning and interaction
IV) Improving people’s livelihood and strengthening social development and management
V) Protecting the Environment and Making Hangzhou a Beautiful City
VI) Doing the Actual Work, Constructing a Government That Satisfies the People
Appendix: Glossary
Ten Major Industries : It refers to the following ten major industries during “The Twelfth Five-Year Plan” that are Hangzhou’s focus of development: cultural creation, leisure and traveling, financing service, e-commerce, information software, sophisticated equipment manufacturing, Internet of things, biomedicine, energy-saving and environmental protection, and new energy.
Global Creative Cities Network : UNESCO has launched a project, and the cities that joined in the global creative cities network are appointed one of the following 7 titles: “City of Literature”, “City of Film”, “City of Music”, “City of Design”, “City of Media Arts”, “City of Folk Arts”, and “City of Gastronomy”.
wifi : It is a widely-used wireless network transmission technology. It converts wire signal into wireless signal, which then is received by terminals such as computers, mobile phones, PDAs that support that technology.
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