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The West Lake
The West Lake came from a shallow bay in ancient times where Qiantang River ran into the sea. It was formerly named as Wulin Waters, Golden Buffalo Lake, Qiantang Lake and Xizi Lake. As it lies in the west of Hangzhou, it was later named the West Lake. It covers an area of 6.38KM2, the average depth being 2.27M and the deepest being 5M. It has mountains on three sides and the city on the remaining one side...
People’s Living
Income of urban and rural resident s improved continuously.In 2008, the disposable income per capita for urban residents was 24,104 yuan, up by 11.1 percent over the previous year, a real growth rate of 5.9 percent if eliminating the price factor. The net income per capita for rural residents in Hangzhou was 10,692 yuan, up by 12.0 percent, or a real growth rate of 6.8 percent if eliminating the price factor...People’s Living
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