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Countryside Lotus Pond Piques Visitors’ Interest with Superb Musical Experience
2022-07-28 10:14      Source:Hangzhou China      

Musical “The Ancient City of Xindeng”, poem recitation “I Have a Home in the Valley of Fuchun Mountains” and solo song “The Path to Common Prosperity” were among the repertoire reserved for Lotus Pond Music Festival 2022 unfolding in Xindeng Town, Fuyang District. In the misty moonlight, and with the fragrance of lotus flowers permeating the air, local musicians presented a heart-touching musical experience with uplifting tunes and melodious tones. The varied program narrated the story of common prosperity in Fuchun Mountains, echoing the aspiration of Zhejiang Province to build itself into a pilot zone for common prosperity and modernization through high-quality development.

Four years ago, in the height of summer, Shangshan Village of Xindeng Town held the first Lotus Pond Music Festival boasting 300 mu of lotus that a forward-looking townsman called Ying Junsong grew in his contracted pond. The show proved to be a huge success, luring more than 70,000 visitors over six days and eventually prompted the launch of beautiful economy program. Spotting an opportunity there, more and more migrant workers came back home to find a job or start their own business, spawning a dozen of B&Bs and agritainment restaurants as a result. The four rural economy programs, like “Dongpo Caotang”, were unveiled at the opening ceremony of this year’s music festival, which was accompanied by China Construction Bank Fuyang Sub-branch signing an agreement to provide financial support to villages and the line of credit agreement with agricultural companies.

“The festival has helped blaze a trail to common prosperity based on land transfer, beautiful countryside, and village tourism. In 2016, the collective economy of our village generated a revenue of less than 100,000 yuan. As of the end of 2021, the number has shot up to an eye-watering 1.65 million. Now, the music festival has come to its fourth edition and this year’s edition takes on a theme that we all resonate quite strongly - to achieve common prosperity with the beautiful lotus in Xindeng. It spells the vision we have for our village,” said village head Wang Weizhong.

This year’s music festival has received an overall boost thanks to the support of local common prosperity party building alliance and the coordinated efforts of Shangshan, Changdong, and Shangwang village. The show would be enriched to ensure a great time and memory of a pleasant summer night marked by lotus pond in the moonlight.

The music festival will remain until August 20.