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Summer Camp Tailor-Made for Migrant Children
2022-07-27 15:12      Source:Hangzhou China      

To practice the ethos of welfare lottery and contribute to the growth of migrant children, Hangzhou Welfare Lottery Issuance Center organized a non-profit summer camp for children whose parents are migrant workers in Hangzhou. The reunion with parents aside, it also allows these “little migrant birds” a happy and fruitful summer.

The two-day summer camp, comprising lectures, hands-on experience and field trips, were both fun and instructive. During the two days, they’ve got a hang of garbage sorting and visited the Archeological Ruins of Liangzhu City and Liangzhu Museum. This was a chance to understand the magnificence of Liangzhu and the eternity of Chinese culture behind the history.

The non-profit summer camp could help the children get knowledge and use it in real life. It also let them feel the city’s warmth, a city offering a wholehearted “nest” for them to better grow up.