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Song Dynasty Celebrities Reborn in Sculpture Master’s Hands
2022-07-26 16:26      Source:Hangzhou China      

This week, kids in the Shenglishannan Primary School, Shangcheng District, were all entranced by a 17-meter-long carving panel. A total of 20 great names in the Song Dynasty, including poets (Liu Yong, Su Dongpo, Lu You, Li Qingzhao), scientists (Shen Kuo, Li Jie) and national heroes (Yue Fei, Wen Tianxiang), are vividly portrayed.

The sculptor of the panel, Shi Hongling, is a first-class national artist and a member of the Cultural and History Society of the Shangcheng CPPCC. He felt thrilled to share the rich legacy of the Song Dynasty with his craftsmanship. He’s been longing for it.

“Who will be the candidates and their gestures are daunting challenges,” explained the artist. He immersed himself in archives, literatures and historical facts, and finally picked 20 characters based on their achievements, popularity and connection with Hangzhou.

Drawing was no easy task, either. It took him five months to refine the facial expressions, body moves and costumes. A tiny part would even be revised a dozen times until it looked perfect. The sketches in heavy stack are dense with his new thoughts. Moreover, he also turned to Chen Shaohua, the chairman of the Cultural and History Society of the Shangcheng CPPCC, for comments and suggestions.

Hopefully, pupils of Shengli Shannan Primary School will get a glimpse of the Song Dynasty charm and be inspired by the 20 household names on display at the school’s extracurricular education center.

Shangcheng District Culture, Radio, TV, Tourism and Sports Bureau (Culture Relics Bureau) will host a Song Dynasty Ceramic Mold Exhibition at the Hangzhou Museum of Seawall Sites, and Shi Hongling said he wishes to send the 20 celebrities in ceramic mold forms to the event.