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30 Prizes up for Grab in “Asian Games in China” Lucky Draw
2022-07-26 16:24      Source:Hangzhou China      

Asian Games in China, the sixth edition of Asian Games lucky draw contest is well underway.


The Asian Games in China line of digital franchise merchandise took inspiration from a documentary of the same name produced by CCTV-5 which tells stories of the Asian Games in China through the perspective of Beijing 1990, Guangzhou 2010, and Hangzhou 2022.

The three sets of mascots that the digital merchandise features, including Panda Pan Pan for Beijing Asian Games, Le Yangyang for Guangzhou Asian Games, and Jiang Nanyi for Hangzhou Asian Games are epitomes of their respective eras.

NFT is an umbrella term used to describe digitized works, works of art or commodities that are created with blockchain technology. Based on blockchain, NFT is rare in quantity and attached with a unique identification code that can neither be tampered or replaced.

Last September, 20,000 digital torches of Hangzhou Asian Games sold out shortly after the commodities were released. Likewise, digital forms of the three Asian Games mascots which went online last December were snapped up within seconds.

The fact that each digital collection was met with a shopping craze proves that sports-related digital merchandise has become a new trend, and therefore led to a new market segment in the digital era. As the No.1 city in digital economy, Hangzhou is now leading the country in the release of NFT based on major sporting events and is also fueling a spree on digital collection ownership.

The lucky draw contest with 30 prizes available began on Alipay on July 15 at 6 pm. People who want to participate need to sign up with Smart Asian Games One Stop before they could land on the contest page and ask their friends to help boost their chances of winning. Smart Asian Games One Stop is the first one-stop digital game viewing service platform in the history of large-scale international multi-sport events. Made possible by the Organizing Committee of Hangzhou Asian Games and Alipay, the platform was created to fulfill people’s need for ticket buying, transportation, game viewing, lodging, dining, and travelling all at once. The result of the contest will be announced on July 31 at 12 pm.