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The Best Sites for the Best Sight of Lotus in Hangzhou
2022-07-20 17:53      Source:Hangzhou China      

The last couple of days around the West Lake are insanely sultry, but lotuses in full bloom are a sight still for sore eyes. Afar on the water, the overlapping green leaves and the stunning blossoms have become a final reward for those who braved the heat to watch them.

For seasoned tourists, Quyuan Fenghe (Lotus in the Breeze at Crooked Courtyard) must be the place second to none. Lotuses are dressed in red or white, or even holding the second flower inside or twin flowers on one stalk... the striking scenery will help calm one’s heart and brighten a day.

Veteran photographers are busy grabbing seats at Huagang Guanyu(Viewing Fish at Flower Harbor). The iconic red lotus can be spotted around the Bamboo Hall Tea House and Jiang Villa. “Green lotus leaves outspread as far as boundless sky, pink lotus blossoms take from sunshine a new dye,” said a poem describing the enchanting sight over 800 years ago. Huangfufei (Dancing Lady in Yellow), a rare species with so delicate, neat semi-double petals, grows by a place called Xiaochenzhuang. Nowhere else can the yellow flowers be found around the West Lake.

These lovely plants, a spectacular on the West Lake in the prime of summer, are also winners in previous nationwide floral contests.

In the New Lotus Cultivar Competition at the 36th National Lotus Show last week, Hangzhou Botanical Garden (Hangzhou West Lake Academy of Landscape Science) secured a gold medal for bowl-grown lotus cultivation technology, a bronze medal for new cultivars of large and medium-sized lotus, and a bronze medal for new cultivars of bowl-grown lotus.

What is the secret to success? “The ingenuity of masters,” a staff member of the Botanic Garden revealed, "there are 11 flowers in such a tiny pot with an outer diameter of merely 13.5 cm. Apart from the quantity, the morphology, color and height are also expected to reach a subtle balance. The average diameter of the flowers is about 6 cm, the petals are red-tipped, and the cup-shaped flower matches the vessel. Isn't she gorgeous?" 

In addition, Shuyun(Rolling Cloud), bronze medalist for new cultivars of large and medium-sized lotus, is a new cultivar registered in 2021. Yonghongzhuang(The Lovely Makeup), a bronze medalist for new cultivars of bowl-grown lotus, was actually named after a poem dating back to the Song Dynasty. The strikingly red single-petal flower, with its yellow hip, is an Asian-American hybrid.