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Urban Stations Offer Cool Shelters for Front-liners
2022-07-20 17:52      Source:Hangzhou China      

“Please have one more,” said Ma Huihui, a clerk of the “Nongchao” Party Service Center on Qiantang River. She was ready to serve another spoonful of sweet mung-bean soup to front-line construction workers. The picture was shot on July 13 (afternoon).

Since unveiled last July, “Nongchao” has become an Instagram-worthy site and a destination of citizens for summer escape. The 200-m2 space, housing over 100 visitors a day, has air conditioners, fans and heatstroke drugs like Huoxiang Zhengqi Shui, Rendan and Band-Aid. The heat-relief sweet mung-bean soup would be prepared particularly in scorching days for road workers, who would also take the center as a rest area. Shao, a worker sweating in daytime, was now on a video call with his family far from here. “It takes a very short while back to my workplace close by, so better take a walk. I can use free Wi-Fi and would sometimes also come get some herbal tea right here around lunchtime.”

The total of 71 urban stations in Shangcheng District are open to citizens, tourists and front-line workers. They provide not only free air-conditioned spaces but boiled water and herbal tea.