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First Batch of Shangcheng Song Culture Gold Medal Tour Guides Unveiled   
2022-06-17 15:48      Source:Hangzhou China      

“From the Eight-diagram Field to the Phoenix Mountain, let’s experience a one-day study tour in which an exquisite modern picnic helps reproduce one of the highly ritualistic ‘trendy’ literati gatherings 800 years ago...” On the afternoon of June 15th, in the final of the first 2022 Shangcheng District Song Culture Gold Medal Tour Guide Competition entitled “Song Culture TALK”, contestant No.10 Huang Keqi won an applause for a uniquely designed Song culture tour program she offered. It shortlisted her into the rank of the first ten gold medal “Song Culture tour guides” and won her the “Best Idea” award.

Since the competition was officially launched in early April this year, Shangcheng has called for all sectors of Hangzhou to contribute special tour guides talented in the culture of the Song Dynasty, which had its capital city in Hangzhou eight centuries ago. The contestants, aged between 19 and 49, competed for the honored title of the Song Culture gold medal tour guides in three rounds of exciting competitions.

“Hangzhou has a tradition of organizing gold medal tour guide competitions, while Shangcheng pioneered in that of the Song Culture.” Qu Bo, an official from the city’s culture, radio, film, TV and tourism administration, said that the contest not only fully reflected the great importance attached by the district government to talent cultivation, but also highlighted the area’s historic richness and cultural confidence in building a center of ancient cultural heritages.

“We need some new routes that showcase the Song Culture. So that, by combining the mixed reality platform technology, and taking advantage of the Song Culture tour guide selection, we are able to provide a unique tour experience for everyone.” Xue Yabing, director of Shangcheng Culture, Radio, TV, Tourism and Sports Bureau, said that the district is carrying out the project for succession of the Song Culture, for which the tour guide selection will be the catalyst. It helps bring the ancient culture from historic records to our daily life, allowing its elegance to be experienced and savored among citizens and tourists alike. “In the future, Shangcheng will roll out a series of cultural tourism promotion activities to upgrade this group of Song Culture tour talents to enhance the ‘soft power’ for its high-quality integrated development of culture and tourism.”

To offset the adverse impact of the COVID-19 on the tourism industry and create a good environment for the growth of tour guide talents, Shanghcheng has also set up a special tourism support fund providing one-time cash subsidy to the area’s travel agencies’ excellent guides. “Our company suffers a severe decline in year-to-year business due to the general economic situation. A support policy like this is undoubtedly a ‘godsend’ that helps stabilize the tour guide forces and prevent brain drain,” said a high official from Zhejiang China Travel Service Group.