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The Newly Repaired Zhile Bridge Reopens to Visitors
2022-06-17 15:47      Source:Hangzhou China      

“The appeal of Xixi lies in its water”. The wetland park, criss-crossed with dozens of winding rivers, ponds and streams, is connected by a great number of bridges dotting among them like scattering pearls. Bridge is not only the carrier of Xixi’s culture and history, but also a specimen of its folk customs. If a city draws its vitality from water; the wetland acquires its poetic attraction from bridges. They come in various forms, including stone arch bridges, stone beam bridges, suspension bridges, water gate bridges, covered corridor bridges, cement bridges, wooden bridges and so on. Some boast a long history, some have unique shapes, and each has its own charm.

To promote the “Beautiful Hangzhou” initiative and help improve the urban environment, Xixi Wetland has recently carried out extensive inspections on its bridges, wooden plank roads and piers. A number of bridges with potential safety hazards have been spotted. Among them is the Zhile. Now, the once dilapidated river crossing has been restored and reopened to traffic after two months of renovation.

A wooden structure located between Zhoujiacun and Bo’an, it is the first bridge that tourists would pass under when they start their battery boat cruise from Zhoujiacun. So it thus plays an important role in the park’s water traffic. In an early survey, Zhile was found to be unstable due to its sunken east approach.

A Xixi Wetland staff told the reporter that a repair plan was made after careful consultation. It would, without altering the overall structure of the bridge, have its body dissembled, and later reassembled and repainted after having some rotten wood structure replaced. In line with the principle of "repairing but retaining the style", the repair job has not only managed to keep the bridge’s old color, which matches with the surrounding environment, but also improve its safety. So that visitors can feel at ease while walking on the ancient foot-crossing.