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When Food Meets West Lake, Aesthetics Are Enriched
2022-06-16 15:34      Source:Hangzhou China      

Recently, Hangzhou Museum and Louwailou Group co-debuted the book A New Taste of Song Culture in Louwailou, which by exploring historical heritage, revives the museum’s culture and Louwailou restaurants’ “Song-flavored” cuisine in modern times, and promotes China’s fine traditional culture.

Song culture is without question epitomized by and developed in Hangzhou, and Louwailou, with a history of more than 170 years, has been committed to the development of the food culture of Song Dynasty. It has been serving famous traditional local dishes, such as Songsao Yugeng (Madam Song’s Fish Soup) and Dongporou (Dongpo-made Braised Pork) for a long time using time-tested cooking techniques. In recent years, it has created the “Dongpo Feast”, a feast of replica traditional Song-style dishes, and in the second half of 2021, it held a food tasting festival to promote Song culture.

Combining ancient paintings and literary works with food, Louwailou also puts the “Top Ten Scenes of West Lake” on the dining table, where customers could relish the scenes as people did in the Song Dynasty. According to the staffer, A New Taste of Song Culture in Louwailou reproduces last year’s food festival. Through illustrations of the “Top 10 West-Lake-Scenes Feast” and the foods of Song, readers could feast their eyes on the mouth-watering food Song culture has to offer.