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Parent-Child Dragon Boat Racing Kicks off
2022-06-16 15:33      Source:Hangzhou China      

The extension of Hangzhou Metro Line 3 has officially been put into service. Four stations were placed around Xixi National Wetland Park, which translates into much easier transit for people travelling to the park by public transportation.

In the lush vegetation rendered by early summer, Xixi Wetland began to receive a legion of visitors in search of the best lotus view. Lotus flowers in Dongguan Lotus Pond have emerged from below the water surface, with pink bud partly visible from the waves of leaves. All this lends a mysterious effect to the scene compared with lotus flowers in full bloom. Beside Dongguan Lotus Pond, small botanical garden and Zhoujia Village near Green Dyke and the inner bank of certain waterways are among the other places to experience the arresting beauty of lotus flowers.

Lotus bloom in Xixi Wetland is expected to reach its peak somewhere between July and August. The lotus only just began to show signs of flowering these days and with cool temperatures going on, it’s just about the right time to have a look at it.

For Xixi Wetland, the vibrancy of summer comes from a number of things in addition to lotus flowers. One of them is the parent-child dragon boat race run by the scenic area that involves a tradition from the Southern Song Dynasty known as jostling-for-streamer.

Jostling-for-streamer was a popular sport during the Song Dynasty. To play the game, people would set a pole at the finish line and wrap a streamer around the tip. Boats line up at the starting line and wait for the drum beat as the go signal. The first one to pass the finish line and grab the streamer is deemed the winner of the game, which is why it is called jostling-for-streamer. The game was celebrated by a tremendous cheer from the audience and the vibe was enormously uplifting. Befitting the water-rich Xixi Wetland, the game offers parents and children a taste of what it was like to compete in a Southern Song version of dragon boat race and the cultural aspects it contains. If you want more information, please follow the Official Account of Xixi Wetland on WeChat.

The scenic area management office says that, according to the existing COVID-19 guidance, visitors still need to make reservations beforehand to access Xixi Wetland, including places like Green Dyke and Lotus Shoal Bird Watching Zone. You will be required to put on a mask, have your body temperature screened and your Health Code and travel history checked, and also provide a proof of negative COVID-19 test within the past 72 hours to gain entry.