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Memory of the City Retained with Pictures and Videos
2022-06-13 17:21      Source:Hangzhou China      

June 9 of 2022 marks the 15th International Archives Day. On that day, in response to SAAC’s call to “welcome CPC 20th National Congress”, the city’s construction committee, archives bureau and literary federation rolled out the International Archives Day publicity campaign series under the theme of “Hangzhou in New Era”, including the founding of an urban-rural construction photographers volunteer service force. 

Next, the city’s urban construction archive authorities and the photographers’ association plan to create more photography works related to the local urban and rural construction and development, organize thematic exhibitions related to architectural photography culture, give open lectures and publish photo albums and books, etc. 

“The cooperation will be the full use of resources from both the urban construction archives and the photographers’ association. We hope to take more steps in the “urban memory project”, faithfully retaining with pictures or videos the picturesque West Lake, the lucid Qiantang River, the lush Tianmu Mountains and the unspoiled Jiang’nan Area. This will be a good presentation of “Hangzhou model” in the Beautiful China campaign to enhance the cultural soft power and influence of the city’s advance,” said the city’s construction administration. According to the administration, the construction archives will play an even more important role in inheriting urban legacy and carrying forward urban construction culture, so as to make new contributions to the high-level construction of Hangzhou into a modern socialist international metropolis and a model in Zhejiang’s high-quality development and construction of the area of common prosperity.