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Millennium-Old Street Spiced up with Spectacular Shows
2022-06-13 17:19      Source:Hangzhou China      

If you would chance upon celebrities a thousand years ago, like the hero Yue Fei with characters “Jinzhong Baoguo” (dedicate everything you have to your homeland) on his back, or the poets Li Qingzhao and Su Shi sitting through the recreational tea or wine time, do you feel like you’ve time-traveled to the Southern Song Dynasty?

On the morning of June 7, the “Songyun Grand Show”, an open culture tour was lined up in Qinghefang, Shangcheng District. Performances containing folk music, poetry recitation, Song costume display, and time-warp stories are choreographed in the form of immersive flash mob. Reproducing historical scenes becomes a way of demonstrating the essential attributes of the city culture and the Song aesthetics featuring simplicity, exquisiteness and elegance, and by telling well-known historical stories, the show successfully popularizes the appealing Song culture and the unique culture of Hangzhou.

“We utilize the cultural and historical resources in urban spaces, like Qinghefang, to explore the fine culture of the Northern and Southern Song Dynasties, as well as its essence and long-lasting cultural value. We hope the grand show, where the stories of famous historical figures of Song Dynasty, such as Yue Fei and Lu You are brought to life, could make the Song culture (Songyun) known to the wider public,” said the staffer from Shangcheng District Bureau of Culture, Radio, Tourism and Sports. In the following days when strolling in Qinghefang, visitors will bump into famous historical figures of Song Dynasty. In this way, the block becomes an open venue for shows, and the performances become a brilliant example of cultural and tourism experience, thus genuinely integrating Song culture with people’s life.

Held in tandem with the cultural activities launched by Cultural Center of Shangcheng District, the “Songyun Grand Show” will be open till December, during which time 50 colorful performances in various forms will be available in the Block, reviving and passing on the millennial-old cultural heritage of Song Dynasty in the new era.