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150 Plus Tourist Discounts Released for A Business Lift
2022-05-05 10:26      Source:Hangzhou China      

It is the very time that everything seems perfect. As the May 1st holiday is approaching, people are probing around ways out for an outlet to neighboring scenic sights and attractions when the epidemic is still battering. On April 27, Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism released the “Spring Campaign 2022” giving 156 discounts applied to the city’s major scenic areas, hotels, shows, intangible heritage exhibitions, sports and B&B resorts. The campaign draws a higher expectation on themed travel programs, such as ancient town night tour, climbing high, recall of the past, outdoor camping, and rural vacation.

Among the 156 plans, there are 12 short, springtime routes. For example, China Tea Museum (Shuangfeng) provides experience routes such as “Song-style tea-making” and the “savoring of six categories”, transforming the “four jobs in leisure time”, as stated in “Meng Liang Lu”, that comprise incense burning, tea making, painting decorating and flower picking. It allows citizens to discover the romance and charm of the Song-style art and life. Longwu Tea Town launched a camp tour from April 29 to May 3, comprising “The Limits of Challenges” and “Song-style Kids”, two routes separately targeting families and students. Lijia Town, Jiande also launched the natural tour called “Countryside Here” from April 30 to May 4, giving a chance to venture amidst bamboo forests, weeds and camellias.  

The ongoing epidemic puts limit on the local tourism, heavily shortening the mobility of tourists. Tour agencies, by adapting themselves to the changes, probing around the latest public demands and broadening the range of routes and products. The “Camphor Search” from April 28 to May 4, launched by Chenghuangge Pavilion and Wushan, is a good exemplary secondary-education program, in search of the ancient trees on Wushan Hill, to enlighten students with knowledge of seasonal plants, folk legends, history and customs. Another is the board game “Murder Mystery” targeting adult players dressed up in ancient Chinese style, which is to present the traditional culture in a more acceptable way. On May 1, Qianhang Cruise and Dahua Bookstore will hold a “Crosstalk Show” on the cruise ‘Dreamy Voyage”. In the cabin there will be the funny show, outside there will be a chance to enjoy the spectacular lighting along the Qiantang River. A special education program revealing the navigation skills on river courses will be held for students on May 4.

The springtime tourist products and seasonal discounts provided by scenic areas, restaurants, hotels, B&Bs and travel agencies are overwhelmingly welcomed as a part of the “2022 Tourism Spring Promotions”. You may learn more through the WeChat account of “Hangzhou Culture & Tourism Release”. Please notice that, during the holiday, traffic and foot control and shift will be strictly implemented. You are advised to book slots beforehand and avoid peak hours.

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