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Hangzhou Airport Economic Zone Gaining Momentum
2021-09-09 10:31      Source:Hangzhou China      

Hangzhou Airport Economic Zone is experiencing rapid development after directing its gaze at industries that hold the greatest potential. To echo that point, seven key projects have been announced to settle here lately, covering a broad range of emerging industries, including biopharmacy, digital and smart manufacturing, optoelectronic information and cross-border e-commerce. Three of them involved an investment of more than one billion yuan, namely, the InnolandBio CRO platform, Apollomics biopharmaceutical industrialization base and the headquarters of Enflame, Software Research & Development.


One factor that works to the advantage of Hangzhou Airport Economic Zone lies in its unique position where major development strategies, like the integration of the Yangtze River Delta, the construction of the Zhejiang Greater Bay Area and the development of Hangzhou around the Qiantang River, overlap and fit into one another. Since the beginning of this year, Hangzhou Airport Economic Zone has pinpointed industries with most promising prospects, increasing the inflow of investment and projects that give rise to high-quality development. The most notable example is a booming biopharmaceutical industry cluster that builds on its favorable conditions as the air transport hub and an important component of the China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone. Now, biopharmacy has become the most dazzling facet of its economic success. To put flesh on those bones, two biopharmaceutical projects, each worth of more than one billion yuan, have settled in Hangzhou Airport Economic Zone this year. One of them is the InnolandBio CRO platform project that consists of an evaluation center on drug safety, an evaluation center on drug efficacy, drug application management services and clinical management services, with CRO platform at the heart. The other is a biopharmaceutical industrialization base led by Apollomics, which attends to every aspect of biopharmacy, encompassing research and development, production and sales.


Starting this year, Hangzhou Airport Economic Zone has devised an agenda under the overarching plan for Xiaoshan Area of China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone, focusing on five dominant industries, among which biopharmacy stands out as the industry that shows an especially strong upward trend. If you look at the key projects in the industry, there are the $300 million Thermo Fisher CDMO project that is scheduled to reach the stage of equipment installment and commissioning in the second half of this year and start operation in June 2022, the 2.19-billion-yuan Innoforce biopharma-base that has its phase one construction completed and operation date set for the second half of 2022, and the 1-billion-yuan Jingxin Pharmaceutical Life Science Innovation Center that is set to wrap up by the end of 2022 (173 million yuan of the investment has been delivered so far). In terms of facilities providing innovation services, Hangzhou Biotech Valley Innovation Service Center has had its construction site chosen and initial approval of land-use granted. The Airport Free Trade Digital Innovation Center that takes a total area of 47,000 square meters and the Airport Free Trade Smart Innovation Center that takes 58,000 square meters have seen their land clear for use. The project of an integrated platform for inspection and customs clearance for special biological products is moving forward smoothly.

To make itself first-rate of its kind in China, Hangzhou Airport Economic Zone has been stepping up its efforts to create first-class business environment in line with international standards, as doing so solidifies the foundation of high-quality development. As far as major public facility is concerned, two “152” projects have been rolled out, including Hangzhou Grand Convention and Exhibition Center phase one and Xiaoshan International Airport’s international cargo terminal, with a total investment of 8.69 billion yuan and 2.41 billion yuan respectively. Four key projects at provincial and municipal levels are steaming ahead as well. Xiaoshan International Airport phase three, a project that costs 27 billion yuan, is now well underway, with the construction of T4 terminal coming to a critical stage and the main body taking shape already.

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