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Lotus Pond in West Lake Gets a Shining New Look
2021-09-09 10:31      Source:Hangzhou China      

The beautiful lotus blossom in the West Lake Scenic Area never fail to win visitors’ heart. To ensure the lotus can flourish, workers of the West Lake Water Body Management Office spare no effort in taking care of the over-150-mu lotus pond throughout the year. Recently, they have brought some changes to the lotus pond.


To increase the lotus’ ornamental value during the 19th Asian Games and the number of pure-bred lotus varieties, the Lake Maintenance Center of the West Lake Water Body Management Office lately replaced the original lotus varieties in the Autumn Moon over the Calm Lake (Pinghu Qiuyue) with new ones.


The replacement was carried out under the principle of minimal negative impact. Workers cut off lotus in groups by their respective botanical attributes to prepare the existing riverbed for the arrival of new varieties next spring. To bring out the best in the landscape during the 19th Asian Games, next spring, the whole lotus pond in Pinghu Qiuyue will be planted with disease-resistant West Lake Red Lotus that has large flowers and a long flowering period.


Going forward, the Lake Maintenance Center will do its best in lotus maintenance, closely observe and evaluate the growth of lotus. Taking Xiling Bridge and Pinghu Qiuyue as pilot places, it will keep on improving the lotus planting method, so as to provide a better travel experience for Hangzhou citizens and visitors at home and abroad.

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