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Purple Flowers Add Romance to September
2021-09-09 10:31      Source:Hangzhou China      

Summer heat has not receded, and the orchid pseudoginseng plants are in bloom quietly in the West Lake Scenic Area.


The flower looks like the orchid flower, while the root looks and tastes like pseudoginseng and can be used as medicine, hence the name orchid pseudoginseng. The evergreen plant is hardy, shade-tolerant, and water-logging resistant. It puts forth delightful emerald blue and light purple flowers in summer and is also an excellent groundcover.


Down the Santaishan Road, these little flowers either sit by the lake or hide under the trees, giving a relaxing feeling to those they encounter.

Walking from Hangzhou Botanical Garden’s aquatic plant zone (rose garden) towards the main road of Lingfeng Tanmei, you can also find these romantic, lovely flowers. The stalks of the plants stick out of the leaves in unison, with small blue-purple flowers on them. Stooping down, you will see the cream-colored stamens inside. Small but elegant, the flowers sway in the wind in the shade of the trees. This low-profile romance is especially appealing against the lush surroundings.


There are many other good places to appreciate orchid pseudoginseng in the West Lake Scenic Area, such as Huagang Park, Hangzhou Flower Garden and Su Causeway.

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