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Landscape Upgraded in Hangzhou Model Craftsmen Cultural Park
2021-09-02 11:25      Source:Hangzhou China      

Recently, West Lake Scenic Area Lingyin Management Office beautified some major sites in Hangzhou Model Craftsmen Cultural Park, giving the park a refreshing look.


At the entrance and behind the "Superb Craft" relief wall, you can see a special sight called "Three Scenes". This is the studio of the flower arrangement master Dai Zhixiang. The craftwork "Three Scenes", namely, the scenes formed in nature, picture and mind, is inspired by the “Three Scenes” theory proposed by Sun Xiaoxiang, the great gardening master, and is created in line with the local site conditions. Through reasonable arrangement of dead trees and shade-tolerant plants, the natural-plant design concept advocated by Mr. Sun is ingeniously integrated into the art piece. The work is not only a display of the beauty of superb gardening and craftsmanship, but also a tribute to Mr. Sun for his outstanding contribution to the field of gardening in China.


On the circular Times Corridor near the West lake, a colorful area below the trees comes into view. It reflects the concept of environmental protection, and is the first place in the West Lake Scenic Area that extensively uses organic mulch. The red, blue and yellow mulch contrasts in a positive way with the surrounding light-green lawn and the thick-green shades of trees.


In addition to appreciating works that symbolize craftsmanship and delighting your eyes with the colorful views, you can also revisit your childhood memories at the park. The designers turn garden waste into the park’s ox-shaped landscape, and decorate it with plants such as bougainvillea, panicle hydrangea, Narrowleaf Angelon and jasmine. Beside the “ox”, here you will also see cute "bunnies" play happily in front of the bamboo fence, which creates a natural, tranquil and relaxing sight that will easily evoke your childhood memories.


After being upgraded, the landscape of Hangzhou Model Craftsmen Cultural Park is now quite different. If you are interested, why not come and have a look at the three ingenious art pieces here?

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