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Shift in Hue to Be Expected as Fall Begins
2021-09-02 11:25      Source:Hangzhou China      

Fall it is, says the calendar. Soon, there will be a quick shift in hue for trees, bushes, grasses, flowers and other types of plants. Touted as a garden city, Hangzhou has large swathes of cultivated and naturally grown green in both downtown areas and countryside. Every year when September and October come, the leaves will change from green to an incredible display of vibrant colors, marking the most beautiful time of the year.

These days, the road that connects Jiqingshan Tunnel and Wulaofeng Tunnel by the West Lake has seen the Chinese flame trees grown on its sides entering the flowering stage. Small yellow-gold flowers sit here and there in the canopy, announcing the arrival of fall against a background of pervasive green.


The Chinese flame tree is among the most ideal options when it comes to sidewalk trees planted in large quantity in Hangzhou in the recent past. At the turn of summer and fall, the tree will be covered by tiny yellow flowers, which will be followed by orange, lantern-like fruits. As time goes on, the leaves will eventually turn into a color of reddish-brown. The whole varying color process lasts about 3 months, showing the palette of fall.

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