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Hangzhou Children's Park Welcomes Old and New Friends with a New Look
2021-09-02 11:25      Source:Hangzhou China      

To the west of Hupao Road, north of Hangzhou Zoo, east of Hupaohou Hill, south of Manjuelong Road, and near the West Lake nestles a park where the memories of generations of Hangzhou citizens reside. After more than a half year of renovation, the Hangzhou Children's Park is ready to welcome the public with a brand-new look.

The “Hangzhou Children's Park 2.0” will provide much more fun for both children and adults.

The facilities of pirate adventure, shaking head flying chair, flying squirrels and other classic and popular attractions have been given a new look after the renovation, making these attractions no less appealing than before.


In addition to classic and new attractions, the park now also has a lot of "new tricks", such as the fountain that dances to the music, the entertaining slope on which you can frolic to your heart’s content, and the winter wonderland that refreshes you with ice and snow in a drowsy summer day.


It is worth mentioning that in the renovated park, you can also see many cute animals. In the Pet Park Area, cuddly pandas tilt their heads, looking at you with curiosity; smart slender-tailed meerkats huddle closely with their family members, playing, caressing one another, or standing on guard as a sentry. All seem to have inexhaustible energy. There are also fennec foxes and tortoises, waiting to greet you.

In the golden September when the Hangzhou Children's Park is bathed in the fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus flowers, why not take your children or invite a couple of friends to the park and revisit the childhood memories?

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