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Romantic Out-of-Season Cherry Blossoms Are Waiting for an Encounter with You
2021-09-02 11:25      Source:Hangzhou China      

What does it feel like to stumble upon the pink cherry blossoms in the season of blooming osmanthus flowers? Recently, the staff of Phoenix Mountain Management Office found by chance that a cherry tree in Hangzhou Taiziwan Park is in bloom out of season.

According to the staff, normally the cherry trees in Taiziwan Park bloom sporadically in late summer and early autumn. This year the flowering seems to be particularly early, although there is just one plant blossoming.

The staff introduced that the temperature in Hangzhou remains at around 30℃  due to the impact of the typhoon in July, which is lower compared to previous dog days, and the atmospheric humidity is comparatively high due to persistent precipitation. Mistaking this for the flowering season, the weather-sensitive cherry plant starts to bud and bloom earlier than its fellows. To ensure the cherry tree that blossoms out of season can bloom normally next year, the maintenance staff will give it special care in terms of fertilization when this flowering period ends, so that the tree will not be “left behind” next year.


In addition to the cherry blossoms, the red spider lilies are now in full bloom in Taiziwan Park. Citizens and tourists are welcome to come and take a look.

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