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The Third Sam’s Club in Hangzhou to Open in September
2021-08-26 09:52      Source:Hangzhou China      

Hangzhou is expecting another Sam’s Club in the upcoming September. With the new store moving in ARCHINA & SCPG Olympic InCity, a large shopping mall located at the intersection of Feihong Road and Jinji Road, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou is about to become the third Chinese city with three Sam’s Clubs following Beijing and Shenzhen.


Having its supply chains operating around the globe, Sam’s Club is offering low-priced high-quality products to members in more than 30 countries and regions, with an inventory constantly adjusted to the season and consumer trend. Almost every month, the store will roll out some novel products rare to be found in the market. Take the recently unveiled mooncake options that include MM Sea Salt Custard Filling Mooncake, MM Colorful Skin & Custard Filling Mooncake, and MM Durian Snow Skin Mooncake, along with the gift box combinations that contain precious food ingredients, organic oil and dim sum. These items are being sold specifically to cater to the Mid-Autumn Festival craze.

To increase luster of its membership, Sam’s Club has set up in-house health centers for members to enjoy for free as many times as they desire an assortment of health services from eye and hearing exams to glasses cleaning to blood-pressure tests. For those who prefer online purchases, there is the Sam’s Cloud Club coming up to ensure the availability of products from various departments, such as outdoor sports, jewelry, pet supplies, home appliances, musical instruments, and large-size toys. The manager in charge of the store noted that though the newly launched Sam’s Cloud Club is limited to online experience for the moment in Hangzhou, the incoming physical store in Xiaoshan may have a demonstration area for display. Members who are interested are welcome to come on in and find more about the service.

Sam’s Club has established its online presence out of the demands from Chinese consumers who habitually put a lot of emphasis on convenience. Members can place orders on mobile apps and receive their packages within an hour. In the meantime, the retailer giant has diversified its online business by introducing another module called Global Purchase, which allows members to try product samples in physical stores first before they go shopping online. Once the order is received, the products will be shipped directly to them from bonded zones. It was also learned that while the brick-and-mortar experience in the new store is yet available, placing an order online from a menu of over 1,000 popular items has been made possible for certain parts of Xiaoshan. Also, the ultra-fast speed delivery service has fallen into place to make sure the items members order in the morning when they go to work are delivered by the time they come home.

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