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An Invitation of Spring: Come to Appreciate the Peach Blossoms at Gaoting Mountain
2021-03-30 09:56      Source:Hangzhou China      

Appreciating the moon at West Lake and the peach blossoms at Gaoting Mountain have always been blessings for those in Hangzhou. As spring once again graces the city with warm breeze and peach blossoms, it is time to raise the curtain on this year’s Gaoting Peach Blossom Festival. The event began on March 29 and will last until late June.

To mark the centenary of the Communist Party of China (CPC), this year’s festival was themed “An Extraordinary Season for an Honorable Historical Chapter”. Celebration activities included calligraphy, photography and composition competitions, field trips, symphony and folk performances, all of which attracted wide participation. By holding these cultural activities, the festival was meant to inspire people with the stories of the CPC and galvanize them to make greater achievements.

Walking along the trail during the festival, you would find yourself in the ocean of 7000 peach trees of 30 varieties bearing rose-red and lily-white blooms and as you strolled around, the beauty of the vigorous spring would unfold before your eyes. At the foot of Gaoting Mountain, the ocean of flowers stood side by side with the time-honored Grand Canal, a great project that has been facilitating the exchange of cultures and commodities between south and north China since ancient times.

“Gaoting boasts excellent natural and ecological environments, but the vast farmland-turned peach garden is rather new. It only came into place in the last ten years,” said Xu Zhenwei, a party official of Dinglan Street. Back on October 31, 2008, the then deputy president Xi Jinpin paid a visit to Gaocheng village during which he talked with villagers and mapped out a model of green development for local revitalization. In 2010, the North Tourism Office was set up in Jianggan District to further explore the tourist resources of north Hangzhou. Two years later, the government established the Construction and Administration Committee of Gaoting Scenic Area. To make the best of its ecological resources, Gaoting established the A-Thousand-Peaches Garden, adopted scientific methods to develop Gaoting Mountain Scenic Area and opened a tourist route to publicize its beautiful countryside. Meanwhile, Gaoting integrated tourism with popularizing traditional virtues and opened the nation’s first thematic tourist route on filial piety and probity. In 2016, Gaoting Mountain Scenic Area entered the nation’s list of AAAA-level scenic areas.

“Peach Blossom Festival in A-Thousand-Peaches Garden in spring has become an annual routine. Gaoting, like Maojiabu and Meijiawu beside West Lake, is now a beautiful village with picturesque scenery. Collective economy sector in the village is shifting gears from conventional agriculture to leisure industries.” According to Xu, while improving tourist facilities in Gaoting Mountain Scenic Area, Dinglan Street also plans to foster cultural and creative economy with big industrial clusters and to become a home for businesses with local characteristics moving off Dinglan Smart Town.

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