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A Guidebook to Hangzhou, an Ocean of Flowers
2021-03-17 10:07      Source:Hangzhou China      

In answering the call of spring, peach blossom, begonia and Bauhinia, among others, waked up early into the warm air across the city, forming an ocean of flowers.

The best place to view peach blossoms would be Qiantao (a thousand peaches) Garden inside Gaoting Mountain Scenic Area in Jianggan District, where 5000 peach trees span 10 miles and on, showcasing as many as 20 varieties including white snow, jade peach, chrysanthemum peach, flat peach, weeping peach, crimson peach and red-leaf peach.

Hall crabapple is a species of begonia that has its unique charm and is considered a proper match for Pratt’s crabapple, another beauty in the same family. At the moment, Hall crabapple has entered the stage of full bloom and can be seen on every corner. Among numerous flowering Hall crabapples rooted in the city, the one at Haowang Park in Yuhang District inarguably takes the crown as the King of Hall crabapple. Originally transplanted to the park in 2004, it has now reached a height of 5.35 meters with a crown canopy stretching 11 meters on the top. When spring comes, the tree will extend its branches with utmost strength and awaken pink flowers growing in profusion. In addition to Haowang Park, Chengdong Park in Jianggan District is another place to appreciate a fantastic view of begonia, especially of species like Kaido crabapple, Hall crabapple, and Flowering Quince, three of the top four well-known begonia.

Bauhinia, a symbol of harmony and prosperity, is now bursting into blossom and fills the city with color. It is widely used to adorn public green space and parks. The green belt along the East Zhijiang Road in Xiasha, for example, is taken as an abode to the extraordinary patch of Bauhinia blossoms every year around this time. Desired destinations for appreciating Bauhinia at a close range include Houhenggang River in Gongshu District, Lishui Road, either side of the Grand Canal, Doumen Park in Xihu District, Chengdong Park in Xiacheng District, Caishiqiao Park in Shangcheng District, Zijing Park, Nanjiang Park, Hangzhou Botanical Garden, Changqiaoxi Water Ecological Restoration Park, and Jiangyangfan Ecological Park.

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