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Multiple Delivery Companies Keep Operating during Spring Festival
2021-02-05 15:23      Source:Hangzhou China      

This year's Spring Festival is a bit special. While goods move on delivery trucks, those receiving and sending packages stay put. As the Shopping Festival for the Lunar New Year progresses, according to Cainiao Logistics, the number of online superstore purchases sent out from Cainiao warehouses between January 20 and 31 increased by 50% year on year. Consumer demand for imported products is also surging. In late January, the number of imported parcels sent from Cainiao's bonded warehouses grew by nearly 70% month on month.

It is reported that during this year's Spring Festival, Cainiao will work with delivery companies like ZTO, STO, YTO, Yunda, and Best Express, as well as some Taobao/Tmall merchants, to continue express services during the holiday so that consumers who stay put could best enjoy the Chinese New Year.

In addition to collaborating with the above-mentioned delivery companies, Cainiao has also launched a multi-dimensional logistic service for merchants and consumers during the Spring Festival. For instance, Cainiao Supply Chain is in charge of warehousing and distribution of homegrown products, Cainiao Global in imported products, Cainiao Guoguo in delivery among friends and families and Cainiao Post in free storage during the Spring Festival.

At the same time, according to the head of Cainiao’s New Year initiative, relying on big-data-enabled prediction, Cainiao will adjust the stock of merchandise in smart warehousing networks in different regions of the country to meet people’s special needs.

For example, as the number of northerners staying in Hainan for Chinese New Year's Eve has been rising in recent years, the custom of making dumplings which was previously unique to the north is now brought to this southern province. As a result, the stock of automatic meat grinders in Cainiao's Southern China warehouse rose by 240% year on year. As Beijing is experiencing lower temperatures than previous years, Cainiao’s Northern China warehouse has stocked more down jackets and thermal underwear. To serve Wuhan consumers who can finally enjoy their dinner on New Year's Eve, Cainiao’s Central China warehouse has stocked more red wine and white wine. Since people in Shijiazhuang are homebound because of the epidemic, Cainiao’s Eastern China warehouse has stocked more home gym equipment, hot pot seasoning and other goods perfect for domestic use.

Cainiao’s bonded warehouses located in Hangzhou, Ningbo, Zhengzhou, Yiwu, Shanghai and other places have finished equipping themselves with a large stock of popular products, such as imported wine, milk powder, cooking oil, health care products and fruits, and are ready to deliver. "Let’s stay put during this year's Spring Festival, and let the flavor of the New Year flow in the delivery trucks," said the head of Cainiao’s New Year initiative.

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