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Over 100 Million Yuan Bonus Offered to Migrant Workers in Hangzhou
2021-02-02 15:20      Source:Hangzhou China      

“Qinqingzaixian (Hangzhou municipality’s online administrative service center) is amazing! A big thumb up to the efficient Hangzhou Municipal Government!” Early in the morning of February 1st, Liu Xiaorong, an employee of an e-commerce company in Jianggan District, was surprised by a text message informing her that the government’s 1,000-yuan bonus had been sent to her bank account.

For migrant workers to have a safe and happy Spring Festival, Hangzhou Municipal Government made an announcement on January 18th in which a Spring Festival support package was introduced to reach migrant workers who will stay in Hangzhou for the holiday. The package includes ten benefits, one of them is to offer every worker a 1,000-yuan bonus. Eligible workers need to apply via their employers, and the money will be sent directly to their bank account.

Liu is the first to receive such bonus in Jianggan District. She originally intended to celebrate the Spring Festival in her hometown in Xinyang, Henan province in northern China. “But the epidemic situation is getting worse, so after talking to my family, my husband and I decided to stay in Hangzhou.” Sending festival greetings to relatives virtually doesn’t sound like a bad idea, Liu said.

According to Hangzhou Municipal Commission of Development and Reform, as of 15:30, February 1st, over 100 million yuan has been allocated to 104,440 migrant workers in Hangzhou. The bonus is still available. But note that the application must be submitted before February 9th.

Several points should be noted when filing the application:

1.Employers should use the real-name account (IRA) required to log in Qinqingzaixian; eligible individuals without employers should use the IRA of their own to log in the app of City Brain.

2.Eligible contractors responsible for contracted workers can also fill out the application on Qinqingzaixian.

3.While filling out the form, employers or individuals should make sure that information such as the applicant’s name, ID card number and mobile number are all consistent with that provided when opening the bank account.

Contact customer service for help on Qinqingzaixian and dial 96225 or 96345 for help on City Brain.

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