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Sweet Osmanthus Blooms in Late Autumn
2021-11-02 15:51      Source:Hangzhou China      

The late arrival of sweet osmanthus flowers has been among the hottest topics  of October in Hangzhou.


Sweet osmanthus is one of the ten most famous traditional Chinese flowers and the city flower of Hangzhou. The four major varieties of osmanthus, namely the silver osmanthus, golden osmanthus, red osmanthus and four-season osmanthus, can all be found in Hangzhou. In the poem Lingyin Temple by the ancient Chinese poet Song Zhiwen, there is a famous line "Osmanthus falls from the moon, and the heavenly fragrance floats over the clouds". That’s why sweet osmanthus is also called "heavenly fragrance".


September and October are the time for osmanthus flower buds to differentiate. For the plant to bloom, a relatively low temperature for a continuous period of time is a must, and humidity also has an impact. The flower buds open gradually after experiencing relatively low temperature sufficiently.


One can’t talk about sweet osmanthus without mentioning Manlong Guiyu, one of the new ten West Lake scenic spots to be found in Hangzhou Children’s Park. On October 19, the reporter came to the park. Going though the main entrance and turning right, the reporter was met by osmanthus blossoms on both sides of the walkway, which are already budding and releasing fragrance.


It takes only half an hour to go up and down the mountain along the walkway, but the scenery is breath-taking no matter how long you stay. People in Hangzhou have different hopes about osmanthus and its fragrance. The blossoms have come late this year, but they seem to be trying harder than ever to emit their fragrance.


"Heavenly fragrance" fills every breath you take. Such a joy is what drives Hangzhou people to make the best use of osmanthus. While appreciating osmanthus flowers, you may have a taste of osmanthus wine, osmanthus flower jelly and osmanthus latte, as if the poetry of "looking for osmanthus flowers in Tianzhu Temple bathed in the moonlight and watching the Qiantang River tide at the pavilion" is incorporated into the daily life in autumn.

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