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CenturyMart Offering Up to 51% Off Sale
2021-11-02 15:50      Source:Hangzhou China      

It was learned from Hangzhou Lianhua Huashang that from October 29 to November 1, the company’s supermarket arm CenturyMart is offering up to 51% off sale for consumers making payment with Lianhua cards. As one of the best deals one can get from the supermarket chain, at least for this year, it includes a 100-yuan coupon for a 500-yuan value pre-loaded on its mobile APP Jingxuan and a tasy laundry detergent takeaway for those pre-loading the same amount at physical stores.

According to the person in charge, the sale is targeted at holders of Lianhua stored value card, Lianhua prepaid card, Lianhua electronic card, and Jingxuan electronic stored value card. Members will be given a 100-yuan coupon for every 500-yuan pre-loaded to their cards, which comprises a 30-yuan and a 15-yuan coupon for online purchase, a 30-yuan coupon for food and groceries and a 5-yuan coupon for fresh food at physical stores, as well as a coupon for online purchase of its self-owned brands selling household items. A massive breadth of products is stocked at the sale, ranging from fresh food to self-owned brand commodities, to hotpot, cooking oil, dairy products, health products, snacks, and imported commodities.


And there is more. Several popular products are seeing reduced prices in contrast to non-sale days. For example, Lianhua’s self-owned brand Youxiang Akita Komachi rice only costs 59.9 yuan for each bag of 10 kg, Shihui Xinjiang jujube date costs 29.9 yuan for each bag of 2.5 kg, Shuangyu rose rice vinegar is sold at a surprisingly low price of 1.5 yuan per bottle, Nonghua mochi bread, a product that has gone viral on the internet, only costs 14.9 yuan per box. On top of that, tissue paper and facial mask are sold at a 51% discount, underwear, laundry soap, and cake and pastry are sold at a 50% discount. Commodities with biggest cut in prices, however, are fresh food products. The prices are lower than many could ever dream of: 8.98 yuan for each male lake crab that weighs 125 g and 4.98 yuan for 500 g of Nonghua orange.


Log in the account on Jingxuan WeChat Program or Jingxuan APP anytime from October 29 to November 1, members will find themselves hit by coupons and prize wheel spinning tickets, the winner of which will receive a coupon worth 888 yuan. If you don’t feel like going out shopping, Jingxuan APP provides you with a convenient alternative that enables the package to be directly delivered to your home.

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