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Wasu Releases Applications of Smart and Digital Practices for Common Prosperity
2021-11-12 15:12      Source:Hangzhou China      

On November 5, Wasu released its applications of smart and digital practices for common prosperity and the National Radio and Television Administration research and application laboratory of smart family innovations, accompanied by the launching of its 4K TV Channel, Qiu Suo Documentary. The release aims to bring attention to the periodic progress Wasu has made in building digital reform solutions and smart family laboratory, which will increase and broaden Wasu’s influence in the field of digital reform and help deliver common prosperity by harnessing the power of digitalization.


Wasu’s practices can be found in the following scenarios: province-wide government services, grassroot-level governance, future communities, digital villages, education, healthcare, elderly care, emergency response, ex-military personnel management, disability assistance, etc.


In the scenario of grassroot-level governance, for example, Wasu has developed city brain, online platforms for individual towns, and emergency broadcast platforms in response to the major problems distressing urban governance and people’s everyday life, using digitalization as a means to improve grassroot-level governance and services. In the scenario of future communities, Wasu has calibrated its focus on people living in the communities, developing various applications for them to lead an easier life and to be more informed of the information that can be used in their favor. In the setting of digital villages, Wasu is using digitalization as a brush to depict a new painting of beautiful villages. The newness here comes from the transformative force digitalization holds in boosting rural rejuvenation and the modernization of agriculture and rural areas. As for industrial development, Wasu has set up an online talents-recruiting platform that is infused with big data, cloud computing, AI-based analysis, and other technologies, which can be applied across businesses and industries to make the whole process smart and digitalized.


Echoing Zhejiang’s effort to push ahead with its agenda on digital reform across the board, Wasu, with the endorsement of Zhejiang Radio and Television Administration, filed an application for the establishment of a research and application laboratory of smart family innovations. The application has been approved by National Radio and Television Administration this May.

Since the laboratory was first brought on stream, Wasu has concentrated its resources on laying out the lab’s organization structures and operation mechanisms, and identified the main direction for its research. Wasu has taken a solid step forward in the development of applications in the setting of smart family. The periodic progress Wasu has made in building the lab was revealed on the scene.

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