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Hangzhou “2021 Top Ten New Cultural and Creative Forces” Unveiled
2021-11-10 11:08      Source:Hangzhou China      

On November 3, Hangzhou "New Cultural and Creative Forces" Awards Ceremony 2021 was successfully concluded at Hangzhou Creative Design Center Micro Cube.


After rounds of competitions starting this September, ten projects have been awarded "2021 Top Ten New Cultural and Creative Forces", and Huajian Film and Television and other nine projects won 2021 Potential Award for "New Cultural and Creative Forces".

In the past six years, 872 projects were selected, and 127 of them have made it to the final. The total funding stands at about 5.55 billion yuan. Sixty projects such as Guomai, Lefit and Vivavideo have been the award-winners for the year.


Industrial development cannot be achieved without leading enterprises. Last year, Hangzhou released the list of Cultural and Creative Industry Leaders for the first time. Companies are evaluated by using two indicators: revenue and profit. Those whose combined net profit over the last two years reaches or is close to 50 million yuan, or whose net profit over the last year is positive and revenue reaches or is close to 100 million yuan, are qualified to be on the list. Companies of such include cultural unicorns, quasi-unicorns and potential unicorns. Up to now, two of these companies, Guomai and MUJOY, have gone public, and seven have received counseling for listing. This year, after application and evaluation, 34 enterprises have made it on to the list of Hangzhou Cultural and Creative Industry Leaders for 2021. Six enterprises, including Qvbian, have entered the list for the first time.

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