Hangzhou Federation of Trade Unions Provides Care and Support

Recently, Hangzhou Federation of Trade Unions launched the project of providing care and support during the new year of 2021. Executive officials from the Federation are divided into 15 groups to visit and help impoverished local families.

This project offers a total of three million yuan in subsidies mainly for the following groups: impoverished families registered at Hangzhou’s trade unions, some of the model workers/exemplary individuals and union officials in impoverished families, rural migrant worker families (unregistered staff struck by accidents or unexpected serious diseases), and some of the frontline workers in special industries. In this project, deeply and relatively impoverished families will be subsidized with 4500 and 4000 yuan respectively, families hit by accidents 3500 yuan, impoverished families with model workers/exemplary individuals or union officials 3500 yuan, and rural migrant worker families living in difficulties 2000 yuan. These funds will be delivered to workers most in need before the Chinese Spring Festival. Meanwhile, unions in the city will offer care and support to sanitation workers, couriers, taxi and truck drivers, service staff at Hangzhou East Railway Station, frontline workers fighting the pandemic, passenger bus drivers, online platform workers, staff of companies having difficulty in production and operation due to the pandemic, and workers in need in other industries.

As part of the project, unions at different levels in Hangzhou will also strengthen efforts to prevent and control the pandemic, while at the same time serve governments at the primary level, companies and the people. Union officials will visit subdistrict offices and neighborhoods, promulgate polices regarding COVID prevention and control, employment, entrepreneurship, and eight support measures for migrant workers. In addition to helping impoverished families, the unions will also continue to help rural migrant workers to protect their rights and to facilitate employment and entrepreneurship. They will provide more care and assistance to frontline workers remaining at their posts during the Spring Festival, so as to improve and enrich their life during the festival.

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