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Bring Your Kids to Aircraft Science Museum in Jingjiang over the Weekend
2021-01-28 17:02      Source:Hangzhou China      

Many people dream of flying into the sky when they are young. At Jingjiang Subdistrict, east of Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, planes are seen soaring into the sky every day once in a while.

The Aircraft Science Museum at Jingjiang Subdistrict, Xiaoshan District has been officially open recently, to satisfy the public’s curiosity about aviation science and to serve as a socializing venue for personnel on the United Front (a coalition of CPC members, non-CPC members, religious groups, etc, for better policy making and governance).

According to the official at the Jingjiang Subdistrict, the museum is an open thematic museum that popularizes both natural and social sciences with a focus on civil aircraft. In the museum, visitors will know the science of flight, the history of civil aircraft, famous figures in the history of aircraft, the structure of aircraft, cutting-edge technologies in aviation, etc. In the civil aircraft science zone, aircraft model exhibition zone and video experience zone, citizens can have their curiosity satisfied by watching videos, engaging in interactions, etc., which is particularly conducive to fostering teenagers’ interest in aviation science. The establishment of the museum is also in accordance with Jingjiang’s efforts to create a beautiful and livable airport town bursting with vitality.

In the next step, Jingjiang Subdistrict, working with Xiaoshan District Committee of China Democratic National Construction Association and Xiaoshan Affiliate of Hangzhou Association of Science and Technology, will use digital technology to maximize the benefits of science popularization, adding a novel touch to its United Front work.

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