30,000 KG! Fishing at Qiandao Lake Gets Off to a Good Start in 2021

On January 12th, the first net for organic fish in the new year at the Qiandao Lake was thrown. Songs of good harvests were sung above the clear waters of the lake.

After 10 am, above the waters at Wangzhai Basin, Qiandao Lake, Chun’an County, dozens of professional fishermen from the fishing team of Qiandao Lake Development Group, not recoiling from the cold wind, started to chant their shanties with enormous vigor. As they pulled the giant net again and again, water splashed, fish leaped above the water surface, and crowds cheered. What a lively scene! Over 30,000 kilograms of fish were caught in the first net in 2021, and they will soon be delivered to other parts of China.

In recent years, to implement the concept of “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”, the environmental-protection philosophy put forward by President Xi, Chun’an has been sparing no effort to protect the Qiandao Lake. With a unique fishing model centering on protecting the water, Chun’an has blazed a sustainable development trail that improves people’s livelihood while balancing water protection with fishing development.

Today at Qiandao Lake, waters are clear, vegetation is flourishing, birds are chirping, fish are leaping and a thriving eco-tourism industry has come into being. Like a swimming fish, the lake is also joining a larger “pond”. Its fishing model is being promoted and implemented in lakes and reservoirs throughout China, enabling more places to protect lucid waters while developing the fishing industry.

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