Last round of blooming amaryllis this year
2020-09-11 Source:Hangzhou China

Lasting rains have moisturized the roots of amaryllis that are blooming for the last time before the end of this summer. The flower-bud differentiation for amaryllis usually happens in late June or early July and they bud and bloom whenever there’re heavy rains. Amaryllis is also called “blooming lily after hurricane” in other countries. 

There were more dry days with high temperatures this year compared to previous years, so the blooms, which were evenly distributed in the summer days, happened in a more concentrated period. 

Hangzhou Botanical Garden adjusted the amaryllis growing area this year by increasing more than 50,000 plants from the South Gate to the economic plant area. 

The garden has plants in their early, middle, and late blooming periods, so visitors take the advantage of their tours to see all types of amaryllis. 

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