Lotus flowers of West Lake in full blooms until late August
2020-07-20 Source:Hangzhou China

The city’s hottest time of the year started on Jul 16 this year, which is also the best time to enjoy the lotus flowers of the West Lake. The lake is planted with 100,000 sqm of lotus in 24 areas. The flowers of more than four types will be in blooms till mid- or late August.


The Autumn Moon over the Calm Lake scenic area, which has 26,000 sqm of lotus, has a fabulous backdrop mix of Gushan Mountain, the lake and Bai Causeway. The Qinglianfang lotus field, which is in the Yuehu Lake and across from the stage of the Impression West Lake, often sees the earliest blossoms in this area. The Beilihu Lake has the most densely grown lotus, as it extends from Beishan Street to Xinxin Hotel. It is also the best place for taking pictures of lotus. To take a look at the local lotus: West Lake Red Lotus, you may want to take a hike to the back of Gushan. Xiaochenzhuang near the Viewing Fish at Flower Harbor scenic area has all the yellow lotus you can see in the West Lake.

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