Hubin pedestrian street displays charisma of intangible cultural heritage
2020-06-24 Source:Hangzhou China

Hua Shao of Zhejiang TV and famous pianist Yundi Li has recently promoted local specialties from a live-streaming studio on Hubin pedestrian street, selling four treasures of the Chinese study, folding screens, bookshelves, Zongzi, Chinese flat shoes, and folded fans. These products are all included in local intangible cultural heritage lists.


The live-streaming campaign opens a new door for raising public awareness of such heritage.  Master of copper sculpture Zhu Bingren has used vlogging to promote the culture to the audience and sell such products. “Online sales of our stores in Q1 have topped those of the whole year last year,” said Zhu.


At the south end of the pedestrian street, an intangible culture heritage fair sells products from Wang Xing Ji fan store, Zhi Wei Guan restaurant, Cai Zhi Zhai cake shop, as well as products such as embroideries, jewelry made of gold and silver, and Xiaoshan cloth. The stores also invite visitors to experience the making of such products.


Besides live streaming and fairs, the pedestrian street also hosts a variety of activities such as street photography, outdoor concerts, and night markets.


The live streaming promotions, which started in early March, have sold products worth CNY 61.65 million. Over 40 such promotions attracted a total audience of over 79 million. The organizers have installed 5G base stations near the studio, which will enable a 5G network connection going forward.

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