Lotus flowers are blossoming soon
2020-05-20 Source:Hangzhou China

The workers with the West Lake Scenic Area’s waters management unit found a light pink lotus flower bud reach out from below leaves at Qinglianfang Lotus Pond last week. The area, which is near the Wine-making Yard and Lotus Pool park and across from the Impression West Lake stage, is already covered with lotus leaves.

Compared to other lotus growing areas, Qinglianfang has shallower water and can let in more sunlight because of less blockage. For the past few years, it has seen the earliest lotus buds of the city and this year’s first bud was nine days earlier than last year.

There were already five to six buds on Monday, as the workers discovered, but the writing brush-shaped bud is not so obvious from far away. Visitors need to take a closer look to see them.

When will the lotus flowers in full bloom? The West Lake has 24 lotus areas, which cover about 150 mu combined. The full bloom period usually lasts from the end of June to mid-August. Lotus flowers love heat and sunny days. If it continues to be sunny and the temperature goes up, the lotus flowers will be in full bloom in two weeks.

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