Most beautiful ancient trees will only bloom for a week
2020-04-29 Source:Hangzhou China

Known as the most beautiful ancient trees of the city, the two catalpas in the Dongyue Temple of Wushan Mountain are now in full blooms. It was not recorded when the two trees were planted, but we know they have been there for at least 500 years.


The trees won the title in an ancient tree election in 2015. Catalpas bloom in mid- or late April, and the flowers, dozens of them in clusters, have a purple middle and white edge. There are also some catalpas trees in front of Hangzhou Botanical Garden’s history office.


Catalpas flowers are known for the fact that the pollens are not easily spread by wind and the period of flowers and leaves falling are relatively short. The next few days are the best time for a visit, as they may soon wither.

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