Zhejiang explores comparative advantage in travel product development
2020-04-24 Source:Hangzhou China

Managers of Zhejiang’s 59 national and provincial level tourist attractions got together at Qiandao Lake on Apr 9 to discuss the reopening of the travel industry after the coronavirus has been contained.


The province’s 22 national and 37 provincial-level tourist attractions account for nearly half of the total area of its natural protection zones. As the crisis dealt a heavy blow to the tourism industry, quick action needs to be taken for recovery.


Chun’an has taken the lead to reopening the Qiandao Lake scenic area on Feb 22 and launched marketing campaigns and provide consumer coupons to promote local agencies and products. Zhejiang also started the cultural and travel consumption season and Happy Tour of Hangzhou activities in Chun’an. All of this have warmed up the market, boosting the number of visitors to the area to 49% of that during the Qingming festival in 2019. Visitors to Chun’an, in general, were 61% of last year’s number and village visitors over 90%.


People attending the meeting agreed that the outbreak posed an unprecedented challenge to the industry, but they are bullish for the long term. Scenic areas, which both protect the natural environment and generate revenues for the local people, must overcome the headwind, build up its strength and improve its services. They will further explore the comparative advantage in travel product design and promote higher-quality development of the industry.

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