Xixi Wetland welcomes visitors as city’s travel industry recovers
2020-04-24 Source:Hangzhou China

As the poem by Yan Shu goes, “Spring worship comes with the return of swallows/Qingming arrives when pear flowers fall.” The Qingming holiday this year is marked by the easing restriction amid the waning pandemic in China. Hangzhou’s culture and tourism market are recovering with its tourist sites attracting 413,000 visitors during the three-day Qingming Festival, most of whom went to places near the West Lake, Xixi Wetland, the botanical garden, and Qiandao Lake.


For this year’s Qingming, people did not fly or drive long hours to travel. Instead, they chose to go to village resorts and tourist sites near where they live. Parks, mountains, forests and fruit farms are the most favored spots.


Xixi Wetland National Park has reopened its electric boat, rowing boat, electric vehicle and helium balloon tours. Flowers of various kinds in the park are also in their full blooms. The park’s app has also launched a feature, allowing users to tell the names of flowers by taking a picture. The park only admits 24,000 visitors a day.


Visitors can also make appointments to go to Taiziwan Park’s spring flower exhibition which is about to end soon. Other places with nice flory views include Hangzhou Botanical Garden, Haowang Park, Chengdong Park, Daguan Park, Caihe Park, and Xiaohe Park. What is notable is that the wisteria flowers, which usually blossom in mid- or late April, are already in full blooms in early April.


As an important indicator of tourism recovery, visitor numbers to the city’s 55 free tourist attractions have increased remarkably during the holiday. The five most popular sites are Xixi Wetland (east part), Xixi Wetland (Hongyuan Park), Mount Feilai, Hangzhou Botanical Garden and Qiandao Lake.


The bookings for short excursions to nearby tourist sites in April tripled that in March, mostly during the Qingming holiday and weekends. The accelerated recovery implies higher traffic for the upcoming Labour Day, said an analyst. By Apr 6, 620 travel agencies, 109 star-rated hotels, 100 tourist sites rated above A, and 33 lodgings have reopened for business.

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