Magnolia gives out first fragrance of spring
2020-03-11 Source:Hangzhou China

As the Chinese poem goes, “Dripping dews I drank from magnolia blossoms in the morning/early petals of autumn chrysanthemum I chew in the dawn.” The first flower fragrance in the spring of Hangzhou is believed to always come from magnolia blossoms.


Magnolia trees blossom before shooting out leaf buds. Every year after winter, the Chinese calligraphy brush-shaped flower buds foretell the arrival of the next spring. The blossoms, which are open for about ten days, are usually higher up on the trees, so each of them is like spreading in the sky.


What are the best places for enjoying the blossoms? Surely the botanical garden, where you can all the kinds of magnolia flowers. Yuquan Road in front of the garden gate is the most beautiful road in early spring, according to many. The magnolia tea garden across from the south gate of the botanical garden, which has few visitors, is also a great place for the blossoming view.


Furthermore, you can see woods of magnolia at Taiziwan Park, Hangzhou Parterre and Bamboo-lined Path at Yunqi. Particularly, photographers are attracted to the white magnolia path in Hangzhou Parterre. Other places recommended for enjoying the blossom views by the city’s gardening and relics administration including the North City Sports Park, East City Park, Liuhe Park of Binjiang District, the Fertility Culture Square at Xinyifang, Qianjiang New Century Park, Nanyingjia riverside, Beidagang river, the Grand Canal embankment from Desheng Bridge to Jiangzhang Bridge, Longjing Road, Ningbo Road, Zhijiang Road, Wulin Road, Binkang Road, Genshan West Road, Yanshan River Phase-IV, Wenyi Road, Tianhe Road (from Hefeng Harbor and Tangning Road), etc.

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