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Hangzhou debuts China’s first “Academy Member Road”
2020-11-06 15:32      Source:Hangzhou China      

The city inaugurated a road dedicated to the members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering on Oct 27. 21 members took a walk on the new road after the opening ceremony. They are Pan Yunhe, Wang Jiyang, Gao Congjie, Dong Shilin, Qiu Aici, Zhang Ze, Du Youwei, Li Lanjuan, Duan Shumin, Shang Yongfeng, Gong Xiaonan, Tan Weighing, Chen Yunmin, Li Jiabiao, Huang Hefeng, Dai Minhan, Zheng Yuguo, Ye Zhizhen, Wu Hanming, Chen Wenxing, and Feng Changgen. 

Located in the Hangzhou Botanical Garden, the road is the first of its type in China. It was built to promote the important speech by the CPC Secretary-General about scientists' work and enhance measures to attract more scientists to Zhejiang province. The road also reflects Hangzhou’s respect for the members and its commitment to provide services to them. 

Hangzhou is working to garner more information through scientists’ entire careers, explore the innovational essence therein, and advocate scientist spirit, according to an official with the city’s science work administration. The inauguration ceremony was hosted by the city’s HR administration, Hangzhou Association of Science and Technology, and the West Lake Scenic Area administration.  

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