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16 top tourist attractions for 99 RMB
2020-11-06 15:30      Source:Hangzhou China      

The city’s tourism administration has recently launched the “Hangzhou Metropolitan Travel Card” with the West Lake scenic area and the citizen card company. 

The virtual card, priced at 99 RMB, allows users to enter each of Hangzhou’s top 16 tourist attractions once within a year. The attractions are Mount Feilai of Lingyin Temple (not including incense and flower expenses), Guozhuang Garden, Yue Fei Temple, Yellow Dragon Cave, Hangzhou Zoo, Hangzhou Botanical Garden, Yuhuang Mountain, Wansong Academy, City God Pavilion, Qian Wang Temple, Children’s Park, Tiger Spring, Liuhe Pagoda, Yunqi Park, tea garden of Mount Mulan, and Hu Xueyan's former residence.

To buy the card, you can follow Hangzhou Citizen Card’s WeChat account (杭州市民卡) or download its app, go to the “Travel Card (旅游卡)” section, sign up with your phone number, and purchase online. You need to activate the cards before use, and admission is permitted by tapping your ID cards, citizen cards, or having your QR codes scanned. 

You can also buy the card from Hangzhou Digital Travel (杭州数字旅游) WeChat account, Hangzhou Travel Card (杭州旅游卡) mini-program, and West Lake Travel (西湖旅游) WeChat account. 

Cardholders need to activate their cards within 30 days of purchase, refundable. Activation beyond 30 days of purchase will calculate the expiry date from the 31st day, non-refundable. 

It's also worth noting that the cards mainly target consumers from outside the city, as the city’s residents may buy the local version travel cards, park cards, temple tickets, etc. 

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