10 major goals met amid culture, tourism work merging
2020-01-07 Source:Hangzhou China

The ten cultural & tourism upgrading projects, such as the inclusion of Liangzhu ancient city on the World Heritage list, kick-off of the construction for the headquarters of the World Tourism Alliance and the World Tourism Museum, the staging of the Suntiandy Group’s circus show Cirque du Soleil X, and Fuchun River and Xianghu Lake Bridge’s applications for 5A sightseeing spots, have been was basically completed., according to the city’s culture and tourism work conference on Dec 26. The city received nearly 202.76 million tourists in 2019, up nearly 10% YoY. Tourism revenue was CNY 423.6 billion, up nearly 18% YoY.


The first year of merging the city’s culture and tourism administration has been fruitful. Hangzhou is selected by the International Congress and Conference Association as one of the top 100 conference destinations worldwide, ranking second only to Beijing and Shanghai in China. The city has been continuously improving its intangible cultural heritage protection, inheritance and utilization mechanisms. The city’s intangible cultural heritage protection development index ranks the first in the province. Innovative overseas marketing activities such as Hangzhou-style Theme House, Hangzhou Cultural and Tourism Grand Ceremony and Hangzhou Global Cheongsam Day helped expand Hangzhou's presence in the international tourist market. The "Qianyin" yacht was officially put into service before the National Day and became a favorite for Qiantang River night tours among social media users. Jiande's Yanzhou Ancient City, Xianghu Lake cross-lake bridge, Chun'an Xiajiang Village,  and Tonglu Hecun Village, among the others, have made applications to become 4A scenic spots. The city also added two 4A scenic spots and nine 3A spots.


Hangzhou’s city brain project has released six digital services for locals and tourists: 10 seconds to find a hotel room, 20 seconds for park admission, 30 seconds for hotel check-in, digital travel special line, Yangtze River Delta travel pass, and Hangzhou culture and travel annual card. Digitization has penetrated into sectors such as scenic spots, restaurants, lodgings, transportation, and performances. In particular, the 20 seconds for park admission service is available at 94 scenic spots and has served about 3.4 million locals and tourists.


The improved public service system has been greatly beneficial for local people.  The city has offered over 5,400 performances, 580,000 books, and 2,500 exhibitions in the rural areas. The city has also built 11 “Hangzhou Study” compact libraries, seven “Subway Study” libraries and a few other libraries under the brands of “West Lake Study” and “Grand Canal Study.”


With keen insights and innovation capacity, the city has been merging its culture and tourism capabilities. The focus for the phase will be internationalization, all-for-one tourism, digitization, and quality upgrading, by making the best of the World Heritage sites including the West Lake, Grand Canale, and Liangzhu Ancient City, as well as working in alliance with the World Heritage villages in Huangshan and Quzhou. The city will explore further its historical resources and boost the holiday and night economy to tap the potential for consumption upgrading.

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